A Civilian Armoured Vehicle

All The Major Characteristics You’ll Find in A Civilian Armoured Vehicle


Armoured cars are reserved for celebrities and political leaders. You’ve probably already read several articles online that describe the many advantages of bulletproof automobiles in India, which the country’s most prominent citizens typically own. In no way will civilian used armored car exist in such a country. Armoured car companies may be secretive about their clients, but no one with even a modicum of success would be foolish enough to hire them. Media outlets generally agree that someone with an armoured car must be wealthy.

If you’re new to this issue and want to acquire you and your family a more secure form of transit, there are some things that you need to grasp. Have no fear. Here you will know all the significant characteristics of a civilian bulletproof vehicle and let you determine whether you want one for yourself.

Average Armor Level

Firstly, there’s a complete variety of armoured vehicles concerning their armouring levels. It is recommended that you find out which option is ideal for you. Those with heavy Armor provide the most significant security but are also the most expensive to maintain. The likelihood of a civilian being in the line of fire of a sniper rifle is low. Therefore, you can negotiate with the maker of your armoured vehicle for a lower level of protection. Although JCBL Armouring can assist you in drawing out the ideal ideas for your car before the armouring procedure even begins. By doing this, you can save money on Armor, and it will provide enough defence for the foreseeable future.

Focus On Blending In

Evil men should be unaware that a civilian car is bulletproof. Statistically speaking, a car crime takes place in less than 20 seconds, and most offenders would commonly target persons who seem well to do for themselves. Thus, lend the situation in your favour. If you want to deter an assailant, drive a used armored car for sale that is more commonly seen in your commuting locations. Even if an attack occurs, most would escape as they see the armoured vehicle rather than risk a prolonged fight. You’ll be able to save money on repairs because your car took less of a hit.

A sacrifice of comfort for the sake of security.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to travel safely, you’ll need to forego some specialized amenities. So, say ‘bye-bye’ to items like climate control, roll-down windows, and even lightweight doors. Keep in mind that it is safety that is to be preserved as a priority for your bulletproof car. The armouring procedure is quite precise and, even on lower armouring levels, keeps the car locked out in case of an attack from an external threat. This is your safest option if you find yourself in a dangerous environment. This also means a bit of discomfort is a trade-off to offer better protection for all passengers.

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