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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Preparing Your Car for Shipping


Avoid These Common Problems When Transporting Your Car

It doesn’t matter if it is the cost of gas or maintenance and repairs. Shipping cars can save you hundreds – if not even thousands – on unexpected expenses. Shipping your car can be a frustrating experience, especially if it is the first time.

We’ll discuss how to avoid common mistakes in preparing your vehicle for shipping. This will save you both time and money.

Failure to Provide the Required Paperwork

The majority of paperwork is centered around your personal details and information about your vehicle. You’ll also need your car registration documents and a copy of your driving license.

You may lose your contract if you do not provide the required documents. Each company has its own business practices. The driver may accept the documents that you carry with yourself, or give you extra time (for an additional fee).

Most dangerous is the third scenario; people who try to trick you are usually shady companies or employees.

Vehicles are expensive and require extensive documentation. The driver will not be able to verify that you gave them the car personally without a personal ID.

Collect all the relevant and necessary paperwork as soon as possible. Litigation favors those who have more evidence.

No Clue What the Bill of Lading Is

The bill of lading is one of the most important documents during the shipping process. It is issued by the shipper and details the quantity of goods, their destination, as well as the type.

You’ll still need to sign the form, even though the shipping companies will fill in most of the blanks. You’ll need to include detailed information about your vehicle in addition to personal information. Most consigners will write down their car’s weight, type, and value. However, you may be asked for additional information in certain cases.

You should try to learn as much about the bill as possible because you will need it if you are ever involved in a legal dispute with the shipping company. The more accurate the information you provide, then the higher your chances of winning a lawsuit.

Shipping a Dirty Vehicle

Your car should first be as clean and pristine as possible to allow the shipping inspector to better see any (existing or potential) damage. The first step is to inspect your car for damage. Dirt can conceal scratches and deeper dents.

You can be sure that the inspectors will not file any damage claims for a car in perfect physical condition.

By cleaning your vehicle thoroughly, you will encourage the inspection personnel to do a thorough search. This almost guarantees that any potential damage will be found in the paperwork. You can then receive the money according to your contract.

Get Extra Insurance on Car Shipping

You may feel apprehensive about leaving your vehicle in the care of strangers, especially if you know that it will be loaded on a truck with several other cars.

Many people are afraid that their cars will be damaged by this. They get extra insurance to compensate.

You do not have to carry any kind of insurance when shipping your vehicle. The US Department of Transportation states that transport companies must carry insurance liability.

There are many other reasons why it is important to get car insurance. You will need to drive to the pickup location, and then to the drop-off destination. Shipping insurance only covers your car while it is being transported; the policy ends once the transporter gives you the keys.

People who ship cars frequently may be interested in a company with affordable quotes and reliable services. You can compare free quotes from different companies if you don’t yet have an insurance contract.

What to Do if You Forget Something in Your Car

If you do have auto insurance, it will only cover your vehicle. Any items that you leave inside the car are not covered unless you add a clause.

In practice, it is rare to find an insurance contract that covers items inside a vehicle in shipping situations. Most contracts are of the ‘by-approach’ type with fixed terms and conditions.

It is important to inspect the interior of your vehicle before handing it over. Physical damage is usually less common than damage caused by water or fire.

If you leave your wallet on your seat, and the window is slightly open, heavy rains can ruin the wallet, as well as the seat.

This guide is intended to help you avoid common mistakes when you prepare your vehicle for shipping. Have a great day, guys, and stay safe during these turbulent times.

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