Transporting an RV

Tips for Transporting an RV


It is liberating to travel in an RV, visiting landmarks and remote areas, or simply touring the country. It’s possible to do this with your family or alone, as long as you have a camper or RV that is large enough to accommodate all of them. One of the downsides to planning a trip is how long it takes to drive. If you’re not used to taking so many vacation days, it can be difficult to plan an adventure across the country if the RV is driven by you. You might want to consider shipping your RV in advance.

Sometimes, using a licensed Motor Carrier can be the best option. A shipping company can transport your RV in advance to the desired destination. You can fly to the destination and have your RV ready and waiting for you.

It can be difficult to ship an RV. Large vehicles require special handling, shipping methods and preparation. Here’s everything you need to be aware of.

RV Shipping Methods

If you cannot drive your RV to the starting point of your trip, there are three reliable options:

  • Drive-away shipping
  • Flatbed shipping
  • Tow-away Shipping

If you choose drive-away shipping, the RV transport company will assign a driver to help move your RV. This is only available for RVs that are in good working order. You must trust the driver. You get more of a concierge-type service, with someone in your RV constantly to look after the inside.

Transporting RVs and campers on flatbed trailers is very popular. This is also the best way to transport multiple RVs over long distances.

Flatbed shipping can be cheaper than other methods of shipping because the shipping company can handle multiple orders at once. Check out the rates of Dasie Transport LLC a vehicle shipping company with experience. It could take longer to ship a vehicle than with a drive-away.

You can also choose towing services. This method involves shipping companies towing the RV using long-haul trucks and specialized equipment. This method is a safe one, but it can be more expensive depending on the size, weight, and other specifications of your RV.

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