Replacing Car Glass

Repairing vs. Replacing Car Glass


There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding whether to repair your car’s glass or replace the entire windshield. The most important factor is the impact of the damage on the visibility and ability to drive safely. When determining what is the best solution for a cracked or chipped car glass, it’s important to consider the size, location, and depth of the crack or chip.

What Is the Best Way to Fix Your Windshield?

It can be hard to determine the best solution. This quick guide will help you determine what the best solution is for a cracked windshield.

Signs that a Windshield Should be Replaced or Repaired

Can be Repaired if

  • The safety of your car will not be compromised by fixing the damage.
  • The chip or bullseye must be smaller than 1 inch or shorter than 12 inches.
  • The outer layer of glass is only damaged.
  • The crack or chip does not extend beyond the edge of the glass.

Should Be Replaced if

  • The windshield is so damaged that it interferes with the driver’s vision.
  • The chip or bullseye must be larger than 3 inches.
  • It is also possible that the inner layer of the glass has been damaged.
  • The damage occurs near or at the corner or edge.

Windshield Replacement or Repair: Factors to Consider

Take a closer look at the factors that you should consider when deciding whether to fix or change your car’s glass.


Safety is paramount in the automobile world. Although it is generally safe to drive a vehicle with a cracked windshield over a short distance it is still important that it be repaired or replaced immediately. Damage to the glass can weaken the windshield, which is an important structural component of a vehicle. A broken windshield will not provide the protection intended for the driver and passengers in the event of a collision.


A windshield that is damaged to the point that it reduces the driver’s ability to see clearly poses a serious safety risk. It is illegal in some states like Pennsylvania. It is not advised to repair glass if the damage is in the line of sight of the driver – that is, the area covered by windshield wipers.


Although new techniques and tools are constantly being developed, the types and sizes of damage that can be repaired are limited. According to the Repair Laminated Automobile Glass Standard (ROLAGS), guide, published by the National Windshield Repair Association, chips or bullseyes of up to one inch in diameter and cracks between 12 and 14 inches long can be repaired safely.


Windshields have two layers of glass. If damage has penetrated the plastic or inner glass layer, the windshield cannot be repaired. It will need to be replaced. A windshield that has any damage to the inner layer of the glass will also likely need to be replaced, even if it is still intact on the outside.


It’s very likely that car technicians will suggest that a windshield be replaced if it has a crack near the frame. Even small cracks near the corner or edge of the windshield can quickly worsen due to vibrations from the car, and the added stress caused by bumps in the road. Safety can be compromised by cracks near the frame, as they compromise the structural integrity of glass.

It is also important to consider the location of damage when dealing with technological systems that have embedded components in the windshield. It may be necessary to replace sensors, automatic braking, or advanced driving assistance systems in order to ensure their proper operation.

The Benefits of Repairing Car Glass

A crack that is repaired quickly will prevent it from spreading. Most minor cracks and chips can be repaired by car glass technicians in 30 minutes and at a relatively low cost. A properly repaired windshield should restore durability and visibility. Also, it’s important to know that insurance companies tend to favor coverage for repairs.

Replace Your Car Glass for These Benefits

The replacement will take more time – around 3 hours if the windshield type is in stock. It will also be more expensive. replacement of the windshield can be the most safest solution in the event of severe damage to the car or if cracks reach the frame. New glass provides the best visibility. Chipped or pitted glasses may appear less clear after repair.

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