Shipping Plastic Containers

What to Consider when Shipping Plastic Containers


When shipping plastic containers, there are several issues to be looked into in order to make this whole process as secure and effective as possible. One needs to have information on the capacity and strength of the containers in relation to the material that is needed to pack the load as per the sensitivity of the load.

Fitment is another key area to consider because the items should be of a size that does not allow for movement during transportation. This means that containers should be packed or sealed in such a manner that they cannot leak or be easily accessible to unauthorized personnel.

Lastly, choosing the right carrier will ensure the containers do not experience more handling, thereby exposing them to more transportation problems. The following are some of the ways that can assist you in making sure your plastic containers arrive at their intended destination without having been damaged.

Below we discuss what to consider when buying bulk custom plastic shipping containers by Endural.

Packaging Material

It is advisable to choose a packaging that is capable of providing enough cushioning and protection to the plastic vain. The packaging materials to be used should be in the form of bubble wrap, peanuts, or even foam inserts to help reduce the movement of the gadgets and exposure to jerks while in transit.

Therefore, it will help to put a lid made from solid cardboard that will insulate the containers from natural circumstances and ensure they are of the correct length and breadth.

Container Durability

When selecting food containers, it is advisable to go for those that are fabricated using hard materials like HDPE or PP as they have a high heat resistance. These materials also do not spoil by imprints or changes in temperature, and they do not crack or break during transportation.

Containers should be well covered to prevent cases of leakage or spillage, and the lids or closures of the containers should be tight.

Labeling and Handling Instructions

Put the right stickers in packages that accompany information such as “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” to make handlers aware of the contents of the package.

If the orientation of the jar necessitates one side to be up, let orientation arrows point to that side to prevent disturbing the contents of the jar or even damaging it.

Shipping Method

Choose a sort of shipment that will safely fit in size and weight the sizes and mass that the plastic containers are. This can depend on the time it is going to take to transport goods, the costs involved, or the reputation of the carrier concerning sensitive goods.

International delivery should provide such conditions with reference to the use of plastics and also check that the enterprise has all the necessary papers.


Transportation of plastic containers needs to be done correctly to avoid breakage. It is therefore recommended that when packing, you should choose hardwearing plastic containers, packing material, include a clear label on the packages, and choose the best mode of shipping.

Adherence to these conditions is beneficial for the preservation of the product quality and satisfaction of the customer, regardless of the delivery type—domestic or international.

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