Vehicle Needs a Tune-Up

Top Signs that Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-Up


An engine tune up is essential from time to time, whether you have a new or used car. The proper maintenance will keep your car in optimal condition, and tuning it up is one of the best practices.

Tuning up solves minor issues before they cost you thousands later. The car tuning processes ensure the engine and other essential components are in their best states, and you should carry it out often. The standard  Honda tune up cost from $300 to $400.

Below we discuss the top signs that your vehicle needs a tune up.

1. The Dashboard Lights are On

This is the leading indicator that your car needs a tune up. You have probably seen an icon light flash in your dashboard, and this indicates a significant concern. Kindly consider visiting your mechanic as soon as you see this light, as it might cause a significant issue later.

These warning lights indicate something is amiss, and you should visit a professional immediately. Also, you must check the manuals guide to know what the light signifies to make a better decision.

2. Unusual Noises

The unusual noises in your engine area also signify it needs a tune up. This noise might be soothing initially but becomes annoying with time. Kindly contact your mechanic whenever you detect weird noises to prevent the problem from escalating.

Knowing where the sound comes from is hard unless you are a trained expert. A tune up is the best solution, as it leaves your car in its best state.

3. You Begin Stalling Out

You might experience stalls driving manual cars as this is normal. However, experienced drivers know that these stalls signify a significant issue and should visit their mechanic as soon as possible.

Stalling occurs when your engine dies and can be a fatal experience. The main reason stalls occur are;

  • Ignition problems
  • Dead batteries
  • Faulty pump
  • Improper clutch release.

All these concerns should be addressed immediately, and you should consider calling your mechanic.

4. Bad Mileage

Every driver tries to get the best fuel mileage possible, but this is hard if you do not tune up the engine. Also, you will know how much a full tank can last you if you have been driving for some time, and this number should be around the same range.

However, you are advised to take your car for mechanical checkups if you do not get the same mileage. This is because there might be underlying issues causing the low efficiency. Drivers can also track their mileage by writing it down after filling the tank.

5. Slow Acceleration

A slow acceleration also signifies significant engine issues, and you should contact your mechanic immediately. Cars with acceleration problems signify more significant issues; you should not ignore them. A slow acceleration can cause problems when you are required to increase speed.

Final Thoughts

A car tune up is crucial for it to be in its best state. The above article has discussed the top signs that show your vehicle needs a tune up, and you can reach out for more information.

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